Our first fashion show took place on March 12, 2019, – during an event that captured over two years of study in the best fashion school in Poland – MSKPU (The International School of Costume and Costume Design).

The ‘Floating Jeans’ collection presented by Agnieszka Dratwa, was to show something that is the most important to us, namely to divert attention from consumerism and focus on reusing raw materials that can be given a second life, thus not harming our only Planet.
Specially for the show, balaclavas were sewn to symbolise equality in every aspect – gender, race, sexual orientation, material status, and social position.

If any of you wanted to recreate this collection, even one tiny project, we would like to inform you that it will not be possible. Why? Well … creating designs from denim, which was already in use, is much more difficult and requires a lot more work and skills than working on a clean material from the beam.

Agnieszka’s creativity reflects art created with needle and thread, which was appreciated by the international jury during the most important event for young designers – MSKPU Diplomas 2019.
Out of eighty graduate students, the jury selected seventeen, including the FLOATING JEANS collection. In addition, the collection was awarded by the world’s biggest denim brand – Levi’s.