Floating Jeans was created out of our love for denim, fashion, art and non-standard solutions. We customise your old clothes and give uniqueness to these new ones. At a time when fast-fashion, excessive consumerism, and constantly changing collections prevail, it is hard to emphasise your personality. Our custom studio, located in Powiśle, Warsaw, is a place where you can come to discuss your project, see how we create our things, view the available collection, and most importantly feel like a designer.

You have only one Planet, so give your clothes second life.


Founder & CEO


Her dreams and living her life to the fullest led her to the idea of creating Floating Jeans. She has been in love with fashion and people since childhood; this is what give her an inspiration and motivation to work. Professionally – a journalist and economist; however, the artistic soul has taken over most of her life. After business hours, first of all, a mother, but also a woman with passions. She was sure that she would be a dancer since childhood, but numbers, percentages and indices prevailed. Eventually, after many years, she made her dreams come true and made her way to the dance floor at international tournaments.
Consistency and discipline resulted in medals. According to her, it is dreams and their fulfilment that give meaning to life. By fulfilling her own dreams, she also makes the dreams of others come true.


Art Director & Fashion Designer


Unconventional solutions are her specialty. She has been customising clothes since she remembers. Thanks to her great creativity, there is nothing impossible for her. Agnieszka always attracts the eye with her brave look. Adored for her abstract sense of humor and a positive approach to life.

  • She graduated from the most popular fashion school MSKPU with her own diploma collection that was fully made of recycled denim.
  • The collection was awarded by the international jury of the MSKPU and Levi’s, the world’s biggest denim brand.
  • The clothes of her design were published in the VOGUE magazine.
  • Selected to conduct several months of artistic customisation workshops in the USA.
  • Fully dedicated to corporate social responsibility. It is her who watches over the ecological and ethical aspect of Floating Jeans.
  • Her designs took part in the main photoshoot for the ELLE MAN magazine.
  • Two years of personalising clothes for Levi’s customers aroused in her love for denim and the policy of this brand.


Art Director & Painter


Although black colour dominates in her wardrobe, she uses a whole range of colours in her works. He loves to combine different styles and directions of painting, from realistic portraits full of details, through colourful graphics, to pure abstraction. She creates unique and personalised projects for the customers, so that everyone can feel and look special.
Before denim replaced her traditional canvas, Alex’s work could be seen at an exhibition in London, and her paintings were handed to such world’s known artists as Adele and Lady Leshurr.